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I tend to get lost quite a bit, even though I have lived here in Southern California for 50 years.  I am very easily turned around.  It takes me at least 10 times of following a certain route before I can remember the location.

When I first became a lawyer, this presented a big challenge.  Prior to becoming an attorney, I went to school and home, and to my work. When I became an attorney,  I was suddenly going to courts in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside.   There are quite a few courts in each of those counties, and it was really frustrating to try to figure out how to get to those locations.

I remember getting lost once in L.A. county so bad that I finally stopped and bought a map guide.  It’s called a Thomas Guide.  I’m bad at reading maps.  What’s worse is that the streets I needed to see were on different pages of the book, making the situation even more disastrous.  I finally started pulling the pages out and laying them next to each other on the hood of my car, but no luck at figuring it all out.  I finally had to call someone who did a search and guided me to where I was going.

If you have this problem too, go to this website.  They have a form you can fill out, and they provide information about what it is that causes us to get lost.

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